Repentance:  a complete change of direction that involves a conscious turning away from attitudes, thoughts, and especially actions that violate God’s law and an intentional turning toward thoughts and actions that please God.  True repentance requires admission of guilt and restitution for wrongdoing.

As the American Abortion Holocaust continues unabated, it is time for a complete change of direction. Each one of us must personally repent of apathy and begin to take action.  The church must repent of the false pietism that insists she must be separated from the world, and keeps her from preserving with salt and leading with light.  We must repent of following the flawed and false pro-life schemes of politicians and of bowing down to the idol of SCOTUS with its immoral and unconstitutional opinions.  Executives must repent of failing to uphold the rule of law.  Governors, attorneys general, and sheriffs must repent of waiting for permission to do their duty and begin to immediately protect each and every preborn child in their jurisdictions.

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